SAMRM: The Organization

The Society was founded in 1986 to support the application, development, and dissemination of Modeling & Role-Modeling (MRM) theory and paradigm. Members provide unwavering support for holistic, client-focused care that promotes health across all settings.
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MRM Theory: Application & Evolution

The nuts and bolts for applying MRM theory are described along with its history and projected future developments. Various MRM resources are provided.
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Events: Current & Upcoming

Information about current and future events, including those sponsored and co-sponsored by SAMRM.
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An Original: Modeling & Role-Modeling Theory (MRM)

Listening to and understanding the client’s view (i.e., model) of the world is the primary intent of establishing a trusting relationship between the nurse and client. Then the nurse can plan strategies to promote holistic health that are meaningful to the client (i.e., role-modeling). The theory applies to persons of all ages and in any setting where a nurse-client relationship is established.

Modeling is the process by which the nurse seeking to understand her client’s unique model of the world. Role-Modeling is the process by which the nurse understands that unique model within the context of scientific theories and, using that same perspective of [the] client’s unique model, plans interventions that promote health.T-1

- T-1 Erickson, H.C. et al., (1983). Modeling and Role-Modeling: A theory and paradigm for nursing (p. 97). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Creator of MRM Theory:
Helen L. Erickson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN

Dr. Erickson originated MRM theory in 1957 as a nursing practice model. Erickson and University of Michigan colleagues, Evelyn Tomlin and Mary Ann Swain, published the original MRM theory book in 1983. Since then, Erickson edited/wrote two additional books (2006 & 2010) that expanded upon the initial MRM premises. She is currently updating the basic MRM theory book for publication.

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