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The Founding of SAMRM

The Society for the Advancement of Modeling and Role‑Modeling,
established at The University of Michigan in April of 1986, is a non-profit organization

Charter Members Include

Dianne Baker, Janet Barnfather, Barbara Behrend, Christine Boodley, Janis Campbell, Cindy Darling-Fisher, Helen Erickson, Margaret Erickson, Denise Davis-Maludy, Debra Finch, Sue Fink, Mary Hunter, Judy Judd, Virginia Keck, Jenny James, Carolyn Kinney, Nancy Kline, Francine Lundy, Theresa MacLean, Carol Mills, Susan Miller, Sandra Moran, Judy Ozbolt, Mary Robinson, Annemarie Schoennemann, Vicki Serino, Karen Stein, Mary Ann Swain, Evelyn Tomlin, Linda Vader, Terry Vandenbosch, Bonnita Williams, and Fay Wright

The First Executive Board, 1986 - 1988, included the following:

Signing of the SAMRM Charter

Under the guidance of Carolyn Kinney (organizer); Evelyn Tomlin, Helen Erickon, Mary Ann Swain (pictured above), plus twenty-nine other nurses signed the Charter.

The purpose of the Society shall be to advance the development and application of the theory, Modeling and Role-Modeling, by:

  • Promoting the continuous study and integration of the theoretical propositions and philosophical foundations through research, practice and continuous education;
  • Developing a network for the support, stimulation and growth of the membership through newsletters, conferences and membership meetings;
  • Disseminating knowledge and information through conferences and publication of conference proceedings;
  • Addressing society needs by contributing to improvement of health care through proactive promotion of holistic health.

Adopted at Chartering Session, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, April 1986.