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About The SAMRM Logo

The MRM Theory Logo reflects the following:

  • •The couple, arms interconnected, represents the human need for mutuality and reciprocity, or in simple language, connections with others without losing one's self (this is affiliated-individuation).
  • •The hand represents the nurse's (or care provider's) role as a facilitator not a regulator. Our job is to help people heal and grow, at their own rate and in their own time.
  • •The arm represents the ability to facilitate another person across time and space. When we work with people, as described in MRM, we often "seed" growth that is not immediately observed; however, growth may occur secondary to that seeding. Thus, our ability to affect another person's life over time and space is extremely important. As Wazlawick says, "You cannot not communicate." Therefore, if the other member of the dyad perceives that you are communicating, you are (even when you don't intend to). In the long run this can be helpful or not, depending on the individual's perception. Thus, the logo has a long arm.

Created by Helen C. Erickson • PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN