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Society for the Advancement of Modeling and Role‑Modeling


Volume 24, No. 1; Spring, 2015

Message from the President

By Brenda L. Moffitt MSN, APRN, CNS-BC

I hope you are experiencing as nice of weather where you live as we are in Kansas. Here it is in early March and it is 75° today.

Please read in the newsletter about the 2015 retreat and the 2016 conference. There has been a lot of planning to ensure these will be beneficial to people using or interested in Modeling and Role Modeling theory (MRM).

The topic for the retreat will be developing an online journal for MRM. The Executive Board has been discussing this type of journal possibility.


Student’s Corner

We would like to have your input. So Join Us at Lake Lawn Lodge in Delavan, Wisconsin in May.

For the 2016 conference, we will be returning to San Antonio. The conference planning committee is hard at work to offer a meaningful event. The retreat is always a great time to connect with others. Please check out the revised website. There are new features and information available. For additional information go to:

The following statements were written by RN-BSN students from Metropolitan State University at the end of their holistic nursing theory course based on MRM theory. Students were asked to respond to the question “In what ways, if any, has MRM theory change your views on or practice of nursing?”

“Modeling and Role- Modeling theory has greatly enhanced my nursing view and treatment and my focusing on the whole person. It has allowed me to use knowledge of where the person is in the stage of development and state of stress when considering interventions…” - Kari Young
“I believe that MRM theory has changed my view of practice by making me think about how the client views the world and focusing more on the client that paperwork. Now I know how to teach the client self-care and to identify self-care knowledge, resources, and actions.” - Tyra Hua
“I think that MRM theory has allowed me to view the client on a more holistic level and, instead of analyzing things from my perspective, truly seeing the world through their eyes…” - Kilah Berry
MRM “has opened me up to a greater awareness of all of us coming from unique backgrounds with different views for the path ahead. This has promoted a sense of greater appreciation and more desire to see things outside the expected.” - Maggie Eiffler



The purpose of SAMRM is to advance the development and application of MRM theory. Mentoring is one way to support individuals in utilizing the theory in research, practice, and education. The Executive Committee is developing a mentoring program and needs your help.

The SAMRM website now lists experts in MRM theory. As the website is updated, the list of experts will be changed to list those of you who are willing to serve as mentors. You do not need to know everything about the theory to serve as a mentor. You may focus your mentoring in one or more areas of theory application. Listed below are definitions and the criteria that have been established for the mentoring program:

Mentoring: Providing expertise to individuals/organizations without compensation.
This is a short-term arrangement that does not require expense for the mentor.
Consulting: Providing expertise to individuals/organizations with compensation.
This is a negotiated arrangement between the individual consulting and the institution (SAMRM is not involved in this process).

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Call for Abstracts for the SAMRM 2016 Conference

Title: Modeling the Client’s World with Innovative Strategies

Date: April 5 - 10, 2016

Location: Doubletree by Hilton San Antonio Downtown, San Antonio, TX close to the Mexican Market and the world famous River Walk. This conference is sponsored by the Society for Advancement of Modeling and Role-Modeling and is Co-sponsored by the JoAnne Gay Dishman Department of Nursing, Lamar University.

Conference Theme: This conference provides a national forum for the discussion of strategies that facilitate the understanding of the client’s worldview and provide a foundation to facilitating the client’s health, well-being, and healing. Content and discussions will center on links to the Modeling and Role-Modeling nursing theory.


A call for abstracts is open.

Please send your abstract, the Biographical Form, the Education Form, and Conflict of Interest Form electronically to Dr. Betty Jensen at: Nurses and other healthcare providers interested in holistic nursing, patient and family centered care, health, and healing are invited to submit abstracts for papers, workshops or symposia (due May 15th, 2015). Topics must be related to the conference theme and goals and can be 60 or 120 minutes in length. Clinical applications, case studies, research, and educational approaches are welcome. Content should be relevant to holistic nursing education, research, or practice and aligned with the holistic nursing theory of Modeling and Role-Modeling.

Required forms are available on the SAMRM website.

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Have you read...

The Gentle Art of Blessing

review by Ellen Schultz

As you read the newspaper or listen to the nightly news, have you wondered what you can do to counter the some of the negativity in our world?

In The Gentle Art of Blessing, Pradervand (2009) describes a simple, yet powerful, practice of consciously blessing people around us. Blessing means to “wish, unconditionally, and from the deepest chamber of your heart, unrestricted good for the others… To bless all without distinction is the ultimate form of giving, because those you bless will never know from whence came the sudden ray that burst through the clouds of their skies. And you will rarely be a witness to the sunlight in their lives” (p. 7).

The book is based on spiritual inspiration from a variety of sources including the Bible, Taoism, Hinduism and others. The art of blessing is related to:

The Law of Positive Expectations - Divine Love brings unlimited abundance.
The Law of Right Returns - We bless without expectations of return, but by doing so, wefind more harmony coming into our lives.
The Golden Rule – Think of and do to others as we want the others to think of and do to us.
The Law of Unconditional Love – “The more we learn to bless unconditionally, the less we judge… We simply let others be” (Pradervand, p.79).
The Law of Universal Harmony – We live by the highest sense of what is right.

Pradervand (2009) recommends that we begin each day by blessing it with a deep sense of gratitude, letting our lives fill with “unlimited good.” However, his practice goes beyond the practice and benefits of gratitude as we extend best wishes to others. As we walk down the street, as we encounter people at work, in all situations we bless them. He describes ways to bless people in a variety of situations.

A phrase he offers to others, silently and from his heart is, “Namaste! I love you. I bless you in your divine perfection and total happiness” (p.13). He is clear that this is not a technique or something done to another, but rather a presence and a relationship formed with the other.

Although the book provides blessings for specific groups of people such as teachers, parents, politicians, etc., blessings are not based on formulas just a “joyful attitude of the heart.”

Throughout the book we are encouraged to be senders of blessings. The act of blessing helps us let go of ego, lightens our journey, and keeps us centered and living in the present moment. And as we practice the art of blessing we must remember, of course, to also bless ourselves.

Pradervand, P. (2009). The gentle art of blessing. Hillsboro, OR: Beyond Words.


Join Us for the SAMRM 2015 Retreat

Theme: Developing an Online Journal

Date: May 15th - 17th, 2015

Location: Lake Lawn Lodge, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Enjoy the breath-taking view of Lake Delevan from the Lake Lawn Lodge located on 250 wooded acres along two miles of the lake shoreline. This is an ideal venue for a get-away weekend with friends and colleagues.

The MRM Retreat will be held from Friday, May 15th through Sunday, May 17th at Lake Lawn Lodge approximately five miles from the town of Lake Geneva, WI. Room rates are $149.00 per night for two queen beds. Room reservation deadline is April 14th, 2015. All meals are on your own.

Flyer with retreat details may be downloaded on the SAMRM website.

Please direct questions to Mary Elaine Koren

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